Monday, April 18, 2011

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Its been way too long since iv written anything! We moved the computer from the living room, where I could see the kids in the playroom, kitchen, living room, and Rylands room, to our bedroom, where I cant watch the kids. So the only time I can come back here is when every body is sleeping hahaha! A lot has happened in the past several weeks. Instead of talking about all of it, Ill just pick a few.

Rowdy and I took the boys out on Jays boat to Lake Gtown and Ryland LOVED it! As we were coming down the stairs to the dock and he could see the boat driving up he got scared and started chanting "No Boat No Boat", but once we got him on the boat he was fine. Wake looked so cute in his lime green elephant life jacket, but of course he didn't like wearing it. Ryland was amazed when Reese was wake boarding, every time Reese fell Ryland would get worried and say "where Reese go?!". The water was cold but Ryland played in it anyway......I was going to stay out on the lake as long as I could keep the boys happy, apparently we have lake kids because after about 8 hours Ryland was crying because we made him get off the boat so we could go home to bed, it was around 9pm lol. We had a blast and no one got sunburned :)

Iv decided I want to learn to sew. And all I have learned is its hard lol. I attempted to make a tote bag but didn't want to spend the $8 to buy a pattern so I drew my own on wrapping paper. Didn't go to Now I know I need to use patterns someone who knows what they are doing made. The other night I was up ill 2am trying to sew me a top. When I got the pattern home, I opened it, I read the directions, said some bad words, read the directions again, googled how to read pattern directions, and then did a poor attempt at following them! My top is ok looking.....I could wear to run errands, but never to meet up with people, go to dinner, ect. I also made it too big, I need to make belt to take in the waist. It was defiantly a learning experience. Now I know to pick the patterns with the green dot, because they are the easiest ones, not the pink dot like I did, because they are the hard ones.

Lindsey and I took Ryland and Wake to Red Poppy Fest to watch the parade. It was supposed to start start at 10, but of course since I had a 2.5 yr old and 7 month old with me, the parade started 30 mins late which did NOT make the boys happy! Finally it started and Ryland was amazed (at least that's what I'm going to say, it was either amazement or boredom). We walked around and looked at all the booths, the hand made little girls clothes are sooo cute!! :) I spun a prize wheel and "won a trip to Vegas", the guy said all I have to do is call this number to set up a meeting reservation haha, he never said what it is, but we all know its a time share thing! I think I will sit through a time share seminar to get 2 nights free hotel in Vegas and half price airfare :)

Rowdy, my mom, and I took the boys to Camp Mabry after church on Sunday for the Muster Day festival. Ryland loved it!!! He got to get in helicopters (they even started one in front of us and took off!) and see hummers and tanks. I wish we could have been there on Saturday, they had an airshow and war reenactment., but Rowdy was playing softball :(. We will for sure be back next year to see it all.

Rowdy and I have started a workout program called Insanity, and yes, it is insane!!!! It is absolutely the hardest workout I have ever done. It is non stop intense cardio and it makes you want to throw up and pass out! If rowdy wasn't doing it with me I would have turned it off and said screw this!!! Its a 60 day program with 13 dvds and a meal plan book. You follow the calender it comes with for which dvd to use each day and you workout 6 days a week. We took before pictures and measurements to track our progress. NO! I will not post the nasty picture of me before, but I will give my measurements: 125 lbs, 31.9 % body fat, 11 inch arms, 21 inch thighs, 34 inch waist (which is 1.5 inches BIGGER than Rowdys!!! UGH!), 37 inch hips, and 35 inch chest. Now you know why I wont show you my picture! I know your all going to be nice and say "You look great!" "Theres nothing wrong with your body, you've had a kid" but come on! I have wayyyy too much fat on my body and its just gross! So I'm going to try my super hardest at this program and hopefully in 60 days i will be at least 20-24% body fat range which is ideal for my age and my waist will be 28 inches. I know as soon as I start seeing results I will have a ton of motivation to keep it up. Its hard, its really hard, but with Rowdys help I know I can stick with it. So for the next 60 days, every Friday I will post my measurements to show my progress. I'm going to work really hard at following the meal plan too (its 5 small meals a day). Here's what I'm eating the rest of the week: Tuesday/Thursday - 1. fresh berries, protein powder, almond milk smoothie 2. non fat greek yogurt with a diced apple, walnuts, and honey 3. whole grain tortilla filled with 3oz chicken breast, sliced tomato, lettuce, 1tbs reduced fat rach and a side of celery 4. whole grain english muffin topped with tomato sauce, part skim mozzarella cheese, and 2oz sliced chicken breast with a side of steamed broccoli 5. 3oz filet mignon, 1small baked potato topped with dijon mustard, and a side of steamed broccoli. Wednesday/Friday - 1. whole grain tortilla filled with 4 egg whites and .5 cup part skim mozzarella cheese with a side of watermelon 2. whey protein powder, almond milk, berries, .5 banana, and vanilla extract 3. lettuce topped with 3oz grilled chicken, .5 chopped apple, chopped pecans, sliced cucumber and lemon juice 4.1slice whole grain bread, peanutbutter, .5 banana slices and .5 cup low fat yogurt 5. lean ground turkey mixed with salsa and red onion on a whole grain enlish muffin with steamed green beans. Its going to take a lot of God and a little of Rowdy to get me through my fitst week of working out and eating right. Because if you didn't notice, I never mentioned pepsi/coke! I'm in trouble! I drink that stuff like water, the idea of not having it almost scares me lol. I can and will do this, I just might be in a bad mood for a week or two haha :)

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