Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mom's Mission - Free Admission

       So as always, like everyone else in today’s world, we are broke, happy :), but still broke. Just because money doesn’t grow on trees doesn’t mean my boys (and my extra 2) fun-o-meter has to get stuck at zero. A friend had a post on fb about this totally awesome web page free fun in Austin that tells you all about (including pictures) the free events, parks, pools/splash pads, museums, ect in the Austin area. Regan, you are my hero! My new mission (besides redoing my living room, I’ll post about that later) is to take the boys to as many places as possible (and age appropriate) by the end of summer. I have made a list of the places I plan to brave, some I’ll take all 4 boys (of course I will have to con someone to come with me), some only 3 boys, and some just my two in the evenings or weekends. In total we are going to:
8 parks and playgrounds
10 free splash pads
5 free play-gym classes
3 free museums
1 kid movie
and 1 free (for the kids) zoo
        I plan on posting pictures and writing about how the "field trip" went as we go through my list. We start this Friday, Lindsey and I are taking Ryland, Wake and Kade to the Waco Zoo. These adventures could end terribly with all 4 boys’ pictures on milk cartons but I’m putting a new rule in place for myself; I can’t come home unless I have all the kids I left with in the car (my car, not cps's car). And I’m investing in more leashes, Ryland already has two (if you have ever left the house with him you know why lol). I’m not sure if I’m brave or stupid, but by the end of the summer we will know. Yall have blessed day (esp. Jake and Justeen Coulson who are in the middle of having their new beautiful blue bundle of joy Trystan Reece!! I can’t wait to see pictures when he gets here this afternoon!!!) ~ Lauren

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