Monday, April 18, 2011

random mix of stuff

Its been way too long since iv written anything! We moved the computer from the living room, where I could see the kids in the playroom, kitchen, living room, and Rylands room, to our bedroom, where I cant watch the kids. So the only time I can come back here is when every body is sleeping hahaha! A lot has happened in the past several weeks. Instead of talking about all of it, Ill just pick a few.

Rowdy and I took the boys out on Jays boat to Lake Gtown and Ryland LOVED it! As we were coming down the stairs to the dock and he could see the boat driving up he got scared and started chanting "No Boat No Boat", but once we got him on the boat he was fine. Wake looked so cute in his lime green elephant life jacket, but of course he didn't like wearing it. Ryland was amazed when Reese was wake boarding, every time Reese fell Ryland would get worried and say "where Reese go?!". The water was cold but Ryland played in it anyway......I was going to stay out on the lake as long as I could keep the boys happy, apparently we have lake kids because after about 8 hours Ryland was crying because we made him get off the boat so we could go home to bed, it was around 9pm lol. We had a blast and no one got sunburned :)

Iv decided I want to learn to sew. And all I have learned is its hard lol. I attempted to make a tote bag but didn't want to spend the $8 to buy a pattern so I drew my own on wrapping paper. Didn't go to Now I know I need to use patterns someone who knows what they are doing made. The other night I was up ill 2am trying to sew me a top. When I got the pattern home, I opened it, I read the directions, said some bad words, read the directions again, googled how to read pattern directions, and then did a poor attempt at following them! My top is ok looking.....I could wear to run errands, but never to meet up with people, go to dinner, ect. I also made it too big, I need to make belt to take in the waist. It was defiantly a learning experience. Now I know to pick the patterns with the green dot, because they are the easiest ones, not the pink dot like I did, because they are the hard ones.

Lindsey and I took Ryland and Wake to Red Poppy Fest to watch the parade. It was supposed to start start at 10, but of course since I had a 2.5 yr old and 7 month old with me, the parade started 30 mins late which did NOT make the boys happy! Finally it started and Ryland was amazed (at least that's what I'm going to say, it was either amazement or boredom). We walked around and looked at all the booths, the hand made little girls clothes are sooo cute!! :) I spun a prize wheel and "won a trip to Vegas", the guy said all I have to do is call this number to set up a meeting reservation haha, he never said what it is, but we all know its a time share thing! I think I will sit through a time share seminar to get 2 nights free hotel in Vegas and half price airfare :)

Rowdy, my mom, and I took the boys to Camp Mabry after church on Sunday for the Muster Day festival. Ryland loved it!!! He got to get in helicopters (they even started one in front of us and took off!) and see hummers and tanks. I wish we could have been there on Saturday, they had an airshow and war reenactment., but Rowdy was playing softball :(. We will for sure be back next year to see it all.

Rowdy and I have started a workout program called Insanity, and yes, it is insane!!!! It is absolutely the hardest workout I have ever done. It is non stop intense cardio and it makes you want to throw up and pass out! If rowdy wasn't doing it with me I would have turned it off and said screw this!!! Its a 60 day program with 13 dvds and a meal plan book. You follow the calender it comes with for which dvd to use each day and you workout 6 days a week. We took before pictures and measurements to track our progress. NO! I will not post the nasty picture of me before, but I will give my measurements: 125 lbs, 31.9 % body fat, 11 inch arms, 21 inch thighs, 34 inch waist (which is 1.5 inches BIGGER than Rowdys!!! UGH!), 37 inch hips, and 35 inch chest. Now you know why I wont show you my picture! I know your all going to be nice and say "You look great!" "Theres nothing wrong with your body, you've had a kid" but come on! I have wayyyy too much fat on my body and its just gross! So I'm going to try my super hardest at this program and hopefully in 60 days i will be at least 20-24% body fat range which is ideal for my age and my waist will be 28 inches. I know as soon as I start seeing results I will have a ton of motivation to keep it up. Its hard, its really hard, but with Rowdys help I know I can stick with it. So for the next 60 days, every Friday I will post my measurements to show my progress. I'm going to work really hard at following the meal plan too (its 5 small meals a day). Here's what I'm eating the rest of the week: Tuesday/Thursday - 1. fresh berries, protein powder, almond milk smoothie 2. non fat greek yogurt with a diced apple, walnuts, and honey 3. whole grain tortilla filled with 3oz chicken breast, sliced tomato, lettuce, 1tbs reduced fat rach and a side of celery 4. whole grain english muffin topped with tomato sauce, part skim mozzarella cheese, and 2oz sliced chicken breast with a side of steamed broccoli 5. 3oz filet mignon, 1small baked potato topped with dijon mustard, and a side of steamed broccoli. Wednesday/Friday - 1. whole grain tortilla filled with 4 egg whites and .5 cup part skim mozzarella cheese with a side of watermelon 2. whey protein powder, almond milk, berries, .5 banana, and vanilla extract 3. lettuce topped with 3oz grilled chicken, .5 chopped apple, chopped pecans, sliced cucumber and lemon juice 4.1slice whole grain bread, peanutbutter, .5 banana slices and .5 cup low fat yogurt 5. lean ground turkey mixed with salsa and red onion on a whole grain enlish muffin with steamed green beans. Its going to take a lot of God and a little of Rowdy to get me through my fitst week of working out and eating right. Because if you didn't notice, I never mentioned pepsi/coke! I'm in trouble! I drink that stuff like water, the idea of not having it almost scares me lol. I can and will do this, I just might be in a bad mood for a week or two haha :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mom's Mission - Free Admission

       So as always, like everyone else in today’s world, we are broke, happy :), but still broke. Just because money doesn’t grow on trees doesn’t mean my boys (and my extra 2) fun-o-meter has to get stuck at zero. A friend had a post on fb about this totally awesome web page free fun in Austin that tells you all about (including pictures) the free events, parks, pools/splash pads, museums, ect in the Austin area. Regan, you are my hero! My new mission (besides redoing my living room, I’ll post about that later) is to take the boys to as many places as possible (and age appropriate) by the end of summer. I have made a list of the places I plan to brave, some I’ll take all 4 boys (of course I will have to con someone to come with me), some only 3 boys, and some just my two in the evenings or weekends. In total we are going to:
8 parks and playgrounds
10 free splash pads
5 free play-gym classes
3 free museums
1 kid movie
and 1 free (for the kids) zoo
        I plan on posting pictures and writing about how the "field trip" went as we go through my list. We start this Friday, Lindsey and I are taking Ryland, Wake and Kade to the Waco Zoo. These adventures could end terribly with all 4 boys’ pictures on milk cartons but I’m putting a new rule in place for myself; I can’t come home unless I have all the kids I left with in the car (my car, not cps's car). And I’m investing in more leashes, Ryland already has two (if you have ever left the house with him you know why lol). I’m not sure if I’m brave or stupid, but by the end of the summer we will know. Yall have blessed day (esp. Jake and Justeen Coulson who are in the middle of having their new beautiful blue bundle of joy Trystan Reece!! I can’t wait to see pictures when he gets here this afternoon!!!) ~ Lauren

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Evening at the Caskey's

        As you know, we do not have an eating table, so I usually eat standing in the kitchen with Ryland in his highchair, and Rowdy in the living room watching TV. I have finally had enough of IT! We have to start eating like a real family. I want to cook meals (not bring home take out, which is what always happens) and all sit around the table talking about our day (I have a picture of Ozzie and Harriet Nelson in my head). So last night I removed the computer from its table and opened the table up (its one of those that the sides fold down to take up less room) only to find out one side is broken :( but I got creative and propped it up with the pedestal I keep a plant on. I COOKED creamy chicken spaghetti, made garlic cheese toast, and caesar salad. I set the table, put all the food in the middle, and pulled Rys highchair up. I was so proud of myself! I just knew Rowdy would walk through the door any minute....10 minutes....20 minutes.....the foods cold. I called to see when he would be home..."in 30 minutes or so". Wonderful! It wasn't his fault because I didn't let him know I was cooking, but I was still disappointed. I turned the oven on to let the food warm back up and waited on Rowdy. When he came home we all sat down to eat but it was a pretty silent dinner, we were watching Glee on TV. Darn! I knew I should have turned off the TV. Harriet Nelson and June Beaver would give me a C+, well, maybe a C-, the toast sucked lol. At least the boys are little, by the time they can remember hopefully I will have mastered my lacking domestic skills.
        After dinner Ryland came into the living room covered in white powder, hhhmmmm.... What in the world has he done now?! Turns out his addiction to white powder is as strong as ever, he found Wake's baby powder. JOY! I hope this stops before he finds cocaine lol.

        So after the fun mess in the playroom, it was bath time. Ryland loves bubbles! In a couple months we are going to need a bigger bathtub, we will have to make room for Wake.

       After bath it was time for prayers and bed! Hope yall had a great night too!
Have a blessed day ~ Lauren

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jiggle All The Way

        Last night I went for my first run....did not go as planned. I had a mini movie in my head of me taking off running out of the driveway pushing my awesome new stroller and happily returning (still running) a mile or two later. Apparently I was smoking crack when that vison came to me! I did take off running out of the driveway, but less than half way down our block I noticed some major jiggling up top. I realized I wasn't wearing my sports bra. GREAT! I decided to keep going and stop and change when I came back around the block. But the boob jiggle wasn't an issue for long because after 20 more steps I couldn't breath! Wonderful, I can only run 3/4 of our block. Note to self, teach Ryland how to call 911 this week. So I walked back to the house breathing like I was in labor (I knew YouTube Lamaze would come in handy one day!), slowly changed bras so I could catch my breathe, and returned to the stroller. This time I walked out of the drive and kissed my pride good bye. Here I was with running clothes, shoes, and stroller WALKING! like an out-of-shape old lady. This is worse than I thought. After I had almost walked the whole neighborhood I was passed by a woman running who looked like she could eat me and my stroller. Oh H E Double Hockey Sticks NO! I'm going to believe that was God giving me a big dose of motivation and saying "Get your lazy pathetic big butt in gear!" That was all I needed, I started running (but not till she had almost made it around the cornor so if I passed out she couldn't point and laugh) and ran about 1/4 of the block when I noticed more jiggling. I think I need to wear my spanx (best invention ever, hands down!) when I run. Oh good grief, this is gross! Right now my high school body me is putting duct tape over my mouth so I cant eat and throwing an all out temper tantrum declaring my body a national state of disaster. I thought to myself, "Well at least it cant get worse". HA HA HA. Famous last words, you would think I would know not to say that anymore but I'm awfully hard headed. By the end of the block I quit running. Not because I was lazy or tired (that's a lie I was tired) but for my safety. Allowing my thighs to rub together that fast might catch my panties on fire. Its official. I'm a walking (not running, I'm too out of shape) ad for Lipo. If you have a flag, please fly it at half mast for me, this is a tragedy of epic proportion. But I think this ego crushing experience was good for me, now I am a woman on a mission. Hell hath no furry like a skinny woman trying to break out of the fat woman who ate her. So whats the lesson learned here? Remember the sports bra, 2 year olds are old enough to call 911, and always have an oxygen tank and fire extinguisher in the basket of the stroller.
Have a Blessed Day ~ Lauren

Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy as a Bee

        We had a fun eventful weekend! It started Friday night going to dinner at Dos Salsa's with the Dotson's and Eric and watching the Power Team afterwards at Main Street Baptist Church. Ryland loves being around other young boys; Mason and Hayden kept him entertained all through dinner. I've noticed when Ryland is by himself (no kids his age) he is quiet and as calm as a 2 year old boy can be, but when kids his age are around he is SO silly! He was making funny faces and goofy noses all during dinner, he really feeds off of other kids. I really enjoyed getting to spend time with Sandi, she is just a ball of joy and energy (you have to be when you have 3 young boys! lol). Sandi, if your reading this we need to have play dates!! Watching the power team was really neat. I could not believe what these guys where doing! One guy ROLLED UP FRYING PANS! It blew my mind. Sandi turned to me and told me I could kiss my frying pans good bye lol, I'm surprised Rowdy hasn't tried it. Out of all the things they did, Ryland was most in awe of the tree trunk (yeah u read that right, it was huge!) they lit on fire and a guy pressed it above his head several times. Wake did great through the whole thing even though it was dark and loud. Since the power team is a Christian group they spoke a lot and gave testimonies. Their message was great and I enjoyed listening but Ryland on the other hand could have done without lol. He got bored while they were speaking and started pulling the ladies hair in front of us, throwing his hot wheels at the guy behind us, and trying to run off down the aisle! I think their message was great but should have kept it short since there were so many little kids watching. I just kept thinking "Please let them break something or light something on fire before Ryland starts screaming!!" That aside, it was a great show and we had a wonderful time!

       Saturday was busy too. Rowdy left that morning for the ball park to play in a softball tournament. While he was gone I had Ryland playing out back and I decided to jump in the shower. I was thinking how nice it is to take a shower without Ryland bugging me, then IT happened! Ry threw open the shower curtain, yells whats this! and throws a DEAD LIZARD on me!!! OMG! I just about had a heart attack! So that's how my morning started. After that I had a hair apt and my wonderfully amazing best friend Lindsey watched the boys for me (she is my baby sitter sent from God!!) My hair looks AWESOME! I have it cut like I did when Rowdy and I got married and took it to my natural color (which is no longer light bright blonde wah wah :( ) and had some light blonde highlights put in. For the first time in months I like the way my hair looks. I hadn't realized how much hating my hair effected my self esteem, but now that I like it, I feel Great! The best part of Saturday was I got a double jogging stroller!!! yea!! I found one in great condition on craigs list for cheap, it looks like new. Now I can start running. I've decided that Tuesday evening, Friday evening, and Sunday afternoon will be my running days. I didn't really have a choice, those are the only times I'm free lol. I'm excited to start training, I cant wait to run my first 5K! I want to work up to running marathons (26 miles) but that may take a few years to get to lol.

 Saturday afternoon I took the boys to the ball park to watch Rowdy play, they lost :( but I love being up there. Lindsey was there to watch Eric so she kept Wake happy for me and I chased Ryland, literally! I swear I'm going to put a harness on him and steak him on a 10 foot leash! That boy takes off at the drop of the hat, I chased him out of the ball park, down the sidewalk, and on to the soccor fields! Not only am I training to run a 5K but also to be able to catch Ryland. After softball we went to my moms house and Jay smoked ribs mmmmmm, they were super yummy, you should be jealous :). Then we all got in the hot tub, well, all but me, I'm still refusing to put on a swimsuit. Maybe by summer with all the running I'll have been doing I will allow myself to be seen in one. Ryland loves being in the hot tub, I cant wait till summer when he can get into the pool. We really look forward to the nights when we get together with mom, Jay, and his gang of kids! Overall Saturday was a success, minus the dead lizard.
        Sunday was a big day for us! Rowdy and I had both Ryland and Wake dedicated at Celebration Church during the 12:30 service. I was afraid that Wake was going to spit up (he is our exorcist baby...really...he has projectile like you wouldn't believe!) all over Pastor Joe and his wife Lori so I didn't give him a bottle even though he should have eaten 30 mins before we went on lol. I figured I could control a fussy baby but I cant stop barfing. Before we went on stage, both Ryland and Wake were crying/fussing, thank goodness God answers prayers because as we walked on stage, both boys quit crying and were so good! I was scared once Ryland saw Donna (Yaya) and Lori (Gigi) in the audience (they were in the first row) he was going to stage dive them, but all went well and he stood by Rowdys side. Pastor Joe said a beautiful prayer over our boys, we are so grateful to be a part of a church that recognizes how special children are.

 After the service we went to lunch at Dos Salsa's (can you tell we love that place lol) with mom, Jay, and Ryleigh. After some great food and conversation Rowdy and I took the boys home for a nap and we watched Glee on DVD. That is our new favorite show. I had never seen it so we bought season 1 and it is hilarious! I am definitely a gleek lol! After nap time we took the boys on a walk in my new stroller, I love it. Its perfect and I payed less than half of its new price. 3 of my 4 stroller were bought used off of craigs list (yes, I have 4 strollers, you can never have too many in my opinion). All of them work great and look like new. A lot of women buy strollers and never use them, I will never buy a new stroller again. After our walk we ate dinner at Lee and Donna's, yum! I love not having to cook :). Ryland stayed the night with Yaya since she has today off. I guess I'll get off this blog and call and see how he's doing lol. Hope everyone has a blessed day! ~Lauren


Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Thoughts

        I have about 2 months till the 5K, I looked at double jogging, not cheap. Even the used ones are pricey. So I actually haven't started running lol but I'm planing on it. I need to get really strick with my schedule and make time for it. I'm pretty proud of myself, I have cut way back on drinking pepsi/coke. I only drink 1 per day now.... That's a step in the right direction, right? I even took my vitamin (adult chewable gummies, its the only way to go) without Rowdy having to remind me today lol. Im tierd of not fitting into any of my clothes! I will start being physicaly active (I'm not a big fan of the word "workout", saying "active" makes me think it could be something fun) and geting into shape. I'm going to believe in God for the energy and motivation to get healthy. Joyce even as a scripture for it, well, kinda, if you combine 1Corinthians 9:27 and 1 Timothy 4:8 you come up with something like..."I take good care of my body. I eat right, I look good, I feel good, and I weigh what God wants me to weigh."
        On a completely different note, I'm in a small group at church and we are reading Joyce Meyers book, Me and My Big Mouth. This is exactly what I needed. Its about speaking to your "mountains" not speaking about your "mountains". Instead of griping, complaining, and being negative about a situation, we should be positive and use the Word of God to change the situation. It made a really good point that I had never thought about, when you speak positive things about yourself and your life you are agreeing with God, but when you speak negative things about yourself and your life you are agreeing with the Devil. God only wants good for you and the Devil only wants bad. That really put a whole new spin on it for me. Jesus said our words are very powerful and we will be held responsible for them. (Matthew 12:37 For by your words yo will be justified and acquitted, and by your words you will be condemed and sentenced.) The little phrases that we use all the time are really things we should never be saying. Like "This child is driving me crazy!" and "Love ya to death". NO, he isn't making me crazy and I would never wish death apon anyone. We can speak things into being so we need to be careful what we are saying. This was a real eye opener for me. I was amazed with the things that came flying out of my mouth!! I don't want to be negative about situations and I defiantly don't want to agree with the Devil or speak bad things into existence. Because if I say "This child is driving me crazy" enough, eventually I will believe it. So from now on if anyone hears me saying something that I shouldn't or being negative in the slightest way, pinch me! This is my new project for myself (other than running a 5K). I'm asking God to guide my tongue and only allow his will to be spoken, not the Devils. (Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and they who indulge in it shall eat the fruit or it. Ephesians 4:29 Let no evil talk come out of your mouths, but only what is useful for building up, as there is need, so that your words may give grace to those who hear.)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's time to shape up!

A couple weeks ago I read about a 5K race and thought it sounded like fun. I googled how far 5K is thinking it was probably like 10 miles or something I would never be able to do, but its only 3.11 miles. Great! I can so do this! Then I went to the gym and after 2 miles on the elliptical I thought I was going to throw up and pass out. WOW, I'M OUT OF SHAPE!! So after that fun experience I decided to scratch the 5K off my to do list. But today I was talking to my friend Casey (she always makes me feel so good about myself) and she told me to go for it. I think she is right. If I keep telling myself I cant do this and that then I will never be able to. So starting today I'm going to believe in God for the strength and motivation and believe in myself that I can do it. I know Rowdy will run with me if I ask him and since the weather is getting nice we can take the boys.....well, I need a double jogging stroller first, I'll start looking on craigs list. I AM going to get back in shape.  My hips may never be like they were in high school but Ryland and Wake are more than worth the extra width.