Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Evening at the Caskey's

        As you know, we do not have an eating table, so I usually eat standing in the kitchen with Ryland in his highchair, and Rowdy in the living room watching TV. I have finally had enough of IT! We have to start eating like a real family. I want to cook meals (not bring home take out, which is what always happens) and all sit around the table talking about our day (I have a picture of Ozzie and Harriet Nelson in my head). So last night I removed the computer from its table and opened the table up (its one of those that the sides fold down to take up less room) only to find out one side is broken :( but I got creative and propped it up with the pedestal I keep a plant on. I COOKED creamy chicken spaghetti, made garlic cheese toast, and caesar salad. I set the table, put all the food in the middle, and pulled Rys highchair up. I was so proud of myself! I just knew Rowdy would walk through the door any minute....10 minutes....20 minutes.....the foods cold. I called to see when he would be home..."in 30 minutes or so". Wonderful! It wasn't his fault because I didn't let him know I was cooking, but I was still disappointed. I turned the oven on to let the food warm back up and waited on Rowdy. When he came home we all sat down to eat but it was a pretty silent dinner, we were watching Glee on TV. Darn! I knew I should have turned off the TV. Harriet Nelson and June Beaver would give me a C+, well, maybe a C-, the toast sucked lol. At least the boys are little, by the time they can remember hopefully I will have mastered my lacking domestic skills.
        After dinner Ryland came into the living room covered in white powder, hhhmmmm.... What in the world has he done now?! Turns out his addiction to white powder is as strong as ever, he found Wake's baby powder. JOY! I hope this stops before he finds cocaine lol.

        So after the fun mess in the playroom, it was bath time. Ryland loves bubbles! In a couple months we are going to need a bigger bathtub, we will have to make room for Wake.

       After bath it was time for prayers and bed! Hope yall had a great night too!
Have a blessed day ~ Lauren

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