Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy as a Bee

        We had a fun eventful weekend! It started Friday night going to dinner at Dos Salsa's with the Dotson's and Eric and watching the Power Team afterwards at Main Street Baptist Church. Ryland loves being around other young boys; Mason and Hayden kept him entertained all through dinner. I've noticed when Ryland is by himself (no kids his age) he is quiet and as calm as a 2 year old boy can be, but when kids his age are around he is SO silly! He was making funny faces and goofy noses all during dinner, he really feeds off of other kids. I really enjoyed getting to spend time with Sandi, she is just a ball of joy and energy (you have to be when you have 3 young boys! lol). Sandi, if your reading this we need to have play dates!! Watching the power team was really neat. I could not believe what these guys where doing! One guy ROLLED UP FRYING PANS! It blew my mind. Sandi turned to me and told me I could kiss my frying pans good bye lol, I'm surprised Rowdy hasn't tried it. Out of all the things they did, Ryland was most in awe of the tree trunk (yeah u read that right, it was huge!) they lit on fire and a guy pressed it above his head several times. Wake did great through the whole thing even though it was dark and loud. Since the power team is a Christian group they spoke a lot and gave testimonies. Their message was great and I enjoyed listening but Ryland on the other hand could have done without lol. He got bored while they were speaking and started pulling the ladies hair in front of us, throwing his hot wheels at the guy behind us, and trying to run off down the aisle! I think their message was great but should have kept it short since there were so many little kids watching. I just kept thinking "Please let them break something or light something on fire before Ryland starts screaming!!" That aside, it was a great show and we had a wonderful time!

       Saturday was busy too. Rowdy left that morning for the ball park to play in a softball tournament. While he was gone I had Ryland playing out back and I decided to jump in the shower. I was thinking how nice it is to take a shower without Ryland bugging me, then IT happened! Ry threw open the shower curtain, yells whats this! and throws a DEAD LIZARD on me!!! OMG! I just about had a heart attack! So that's how my morning started. After that I had a hair apt and my wonderfully amazing best friend Lindsey watched the boys for me (she is my baby sitter sent from God!!) My hair looks AWESOME! I have it cut like I did when Rowdy and I got married and took it to my natural color (which is no longer light bright blonde wah wah :( ) and had some light blonde highlights put in. For the first time in months I like the way my hair looks. I hadn't realized how much hating my hair effected my self esteem, but now that I like it, I feel Great! The best part of Saturday was I got a double jogging stroller!!! yea!! I found one in great condition on craigs list for cheap, it looks like new. Now I can start running. I've decided that Tuesday evening, Friday evening, and Sunday afternoon will be my running days. I didn't really have a choice, those are the only times I'm free lol. I'm excited to start training, I cant wait to run my first 5K! I want to work up to running marathons (26 miles) but that may take a few years to get to lol.

 Saturday afternoon I took the boys to the ball park to watch Rowdy play, they lost :( but I love being up there. Lindsey was there to watch Eric so she kept Wake happy for me and I chased Ryland, literally! I swear I'm going to put a harness on him and steak him on a 10 foot leash! That boy takes off at the drop of the hat, I chased him out of the ball park, down the sidewalk, and on to the soccor fields! Not only am I training to run a 5K but also to be able to catch Ryland. After softball we went to my moms house and Jay smoked ribs mmmmmm, they were super yummy, you should be jealous :). Then we all got in the hot tub, well, all but me, I'm still refusing to put on a swimsuit. Maybe by summer with all the running I'll have been doing I will allow myself to be seen in one. Ryland loves being in the hot tub, I cant wait till summer when he can get into the pool. We really look forward to the nights when we get together with mom, Jay, and his gang of kids! Overall Saturday was a success, minus the dead lizard.
        Sunday was a big day for us! Rowdy and I had both Ryland and Wake dedicated at Celebration Church during the 12:30 service. I was afraid that Wake was going to spit up (he is our exorcist baby...really...he has projectile like you wouldn't believe!) all over Pastor Joe and his wife Lori so I didn't give him a bottle even though he should have eaten 30 mins before we went on lol. I figured I could control a fussy baby but I cant stop barfing. Before we went on stage, both Ryland and Wake were crying/fussing, thank goodness God answers prayers because as we walked on stage, both boys quit crying and were so good! I was scared once Ryland saw Donna (Yaya) and Lori (Gigi) in the audience (they were in the first row) he was going to stage dive them, but all went well and he stood by Rowdys side. Pastor Joe said a beautiful prayer over our boys, we are so grateful to be a part of a church that recognizes how special children are.

 After the service we went to lunch at Dos Salsa's (can you tell we love that place lol) with mom, Jay, and Ryleigh. After some great food and conversation Rowdy and I took the boys home for a nap and we watched Glee on DVD. That is our new favorite show. I had never seen it so we bought season 1 and it is hilarious! I am definitely a gleek lol! After nap time we took the boys on a walk in my new stroller, I love it. Its perfect and I payed less than half of its new price. 3 of my 4 stroller were bought used off of craigs list (yes, I have 4 strollers, you can never have too many in my opinion). All of them work great and look like new. A lot of women buy strollers and never use them, I will never buy a new stroller again. After our walk we ate dinner at Lee and Donna's, yum! I love not having to cook :). Ryland stayed the night with Yaya since she has today off. I guess I'll get off this blog and call and see how he's doing lol. Hope everyone has a blessed day! ~Lauren


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