Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's time to shape up!

A couple weeks ago I read about a 5K race and thought it sounded like fun. I googled how far 5K is thinking it was probably like 10 miles or something I would never be able to do, but its only 3.11 miles. Great! I can so do this! Then I went to the gym and after 2 miles on the elliptical I thought I was going to throw up and pass out. WOW, I'M OUT OF SHAPE!! So after that fun experience I decided to scratch the 5K off my to do list. But today I was talking to my friend Casey (she always makes me feel so good about myself) and she told me to go for it. I think she is right. If I keep telling myself I cant do this and that then I will never be able to. So starting today I'm going to believe in God for the strength and motivation and believe in myself that I can do it. I know Rowdy will run with me if I ask him and since the weather is getting nice we can take the boys.....well, I need a double jogging stroller first, I'll start looking on craigs list. I AM going to get back in shape.  My hips may never be like they were in high school but Ryland and Wake are more than worth the extra width.

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